Our Solution

Under our charging-as-a-service business model, we develop, own, and operate networks of universal wireless charging stations, which generate recurring revenue through the sale of electricity to shared electric micromobility system operators and individual customers.


We identify optimal charging station sites, secure all necessary permits, install the stations, manage the grid connections, and provide ongoing maintenance.


re:Charge is an independent provider of charging-as-a-service to the shared mobility industry. We sell electricity to shared mobility operators through Power Purchase Agreements and to consumers through an app-based service.


We design and deploy universal charging stations and after-market integration kits to retrofit ebikes and escooters at no cost to operators. For new models, we will work directly with original equipment manufacturers to have our wireless power receiver design integrated onto new vehicles. 

Professional Guidance

The re:Charge team has decades of experience in executing shared mobility and energy projects. We offer fee-based consulting services to manufacturers, agencies, and customers on installing our infrastructure solutions.