CDPHP Cycle! Charging Pilot

re:Charge is pleased to announce the first live public deployment of our universal charging stations for electric bikes and scooters.  As part of this pilot, re:Charge has installed 4 charging docks in Amsterdam, NY to support the local CDPHP Cycle! electric bike share program.  The system is run by the Capital District Transportation Authority, the regional transit agency for the NY State capital region.  

The goals of the charging pilot are:


To improve the availability of ebikes by providing on-street charging


To reduce the impact and cost of operations by reducing the need for battery swapping 


To mitigate the risks often associated with indoor charging  

How it Works

re:Charge charging stations use wireless power transfer that does not rely on standard charging plugs, which can be subject to damage. 

How to Undock Your Bike

When you want to use a CDPHP Cycle! electric bike, simply follow the standard rental process to unlock the bike using the program app.  After that, just move the bike back from the dock and enjoy your ride!  

How to Dock Your Bike

When you are done with your ride, just dock the bike in the charging station and be sure to lock the bike to the CDPHP Cycle! rack that is provided.  Charging starts automatically!

How to Find A Charging Station

For now, we are only running one charging station with four charging docks in the Amsterdam, NY area of CDPHP Cycle! The charging station is located at the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook. See the system app for a more specific location.
If you have any questions about the pilot, or would like to learn about how re:Charge can help improve your shared mobility program, please email us at

Thanks! Ride safely. The re:Charge Team